Dental Care for Children  & Prevention

The first dental check-up of your child should be done at the age of 1 year.  The more regular these check-ups become, the less dental issues he might have, and the more he will be used to the environment of a dental office.

For the treatment of children we are using the latest dental care material, called the glassionomer cement, which contains Fluor, to prevent caries. For local anesthesia, we are using specific nanoneedles, so thin, that your child will not feel the injections at all.  We also provide regular fluoridation during each check-up. Hygiene education is also a very important part of our dental care for children.

The most popular treatment for children is the Ozone treatment. There is no drilling, no pain, the treatment is very quick and extremely efficient.

Ozone can be also used for  caries prevention.The surface of the teeth, once treated with Ozone, will never be destroyed by caries later!

Prophylaxis and Dental diseases prevention

¨Prevention is better than cure ¨, says the Golden Rule of Medicine.

According to this rule Dental Clinic Zlata Prague™  is glad to offer you a wide range of dental services and treatments to prevent unpleasant surprises, such as dental diseases and gum diseases, that might lead to teeth loss and require extensive interventions.

Our Clinic recommends to have regular dental check-ups and regular professional teeth cleanings done by our hygienists  and our doctors every 6 months. This simple habit will help you maintain your teeth and gum  healthy and in a perfect condition. Of course, dental hygiene education and correction an important part of the program, where we are glad to offer you advice on your daily dental routine.

For instance, our Digital OPG (Complete X-ray Status) will provide you with a very specific analysis of your dental status for at least 2.5 to 3 years, and will enable you to avoid unexpected dental problems. A complete fluoridation of your teeth, once in 6 months, is  also included in our regular check-up program.

Heal Ozone

Heal Ozone is a new revolutionary technology in dental care. Dental Clinic Zlata Prague™ uses it as a tool for prevention, as well as a treatment. The concept of ozonotherapy is based on the excellent bactericidal properties of Ozone.

Ozone  can be used for caries prevention, in a combination with the hermetization of  the teeth.

This treatment requires no drilling, and it is absolutely painless, all the while being fast and extremely effective.

It has been proved that no caries will appear on a tooth surface, onceit has been treated with Ozone.

Ozone Therapy

Ozonotherapy s a very effective treatment of caries, when a caries cavity already exists and requires a filling.

Ozonotherapy is used on the surface of the cavity before a filling is placed, for a complete and absolute cleaning of the tooth from various bacterial infections.

The Ozone treatment has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of redeveloping a caries under the filling.

Dental Clinic Zlata Prague ™ also has years of professional experience in using Ozonotherapy as an efficient treatment of the herpes virus : in fact, Ozone helps reduce the pain, enables to recover from the infection more quickly, and reduces the risk of reinfection.