Dental Hygiene & Whitening

The Doctors and Hygienists of Dental Clinic Zlata Prague ™ offer you various types of dental hygiene and whitening. Each treatment and procedure will be selected individually according to your personal needs and requirements. Following our  Dental Health & Art concept, we are also glad to offer you a few additional services, such as a desensitizing treatment, a fluoride treatment, fresh breath consultations and nutritional advice.

You can observe and follow all the procedures with Intraoral cameras, for you to learn about dental hygiene. Our Doctors and Hygienists will give you advice about the best dental hygiene routine at home and  tell you, how to take care of your teeth properly after whitening, to keep your smile bright and white for a long time!


  • For smokers, red wine, tea and coffee lovers, we recommend visiting the Dental Clinic Zlata Prague, at least once every four to six months for a professional dental cleaning with Air Flow system. Our Air Flow system sprays a blend of sodium bicarbonate and water jet.

    Plaque and stains are removed instantly without any pain. The precision and exact dispensing of this method are as highly developed as one would expect from the “legendary Swiss Quality”. Much faster than conventional brushes, rubber cups, pastes and polishing strips as well as much more thorough - without being abrasive. Plaque, soft deposits and discolorations disappear quickly and with no pain - even from interproximal areas.

    The ingredients are dispensed with a high precision, at a comfortable temperature, and with a pleasant taste.

  • The Ultrasonic scaler is used to remove the hard tartar from the visible surface of your teeth. 

    Dental Clinic Zlata Prague recommends having a professional dental cleaning with Ultrasonic scaler done, twice a year.

    Depending on your wishes, this cleaning can be done using superficial or local anesthesia. Anesthesia is needed for the procedure, as the tip of the scaler is very thin. Sound waves emerging from the Scaler bounce off the tartar, and break  the plaque from the surface of the teeth.

    The sound waves are a very efficient method : so thourough, that even the hardened plaque, also called calculus, breaks up. The water dispensed from the scaler then washes the broken debris away. The tip of the scaler does not damage the enamel of the tooth as traditional hand-scaling methods can do.

  • The Vector Paro system allows a treatment with a deep cleaning method, and Dental Clinic Zlata Prague recommends applying it regularly to fight against periodontal diseases.

    A cleaning with Vector Paro can be done once every 2 to 3 years, depending on the quality of your home hygiene, the stage of periodontitis and the complete status of your health. The Vector principle is a provably gentle periodontal treatment.

    The ultrasound energy is accurately deflected from the Vector Paro tool, in a linear direction. Thanks to this patented vibration deflection system, the instruments are then moved in a parallel way to the surface of the root of the teeth. This treatment thus causes no trauma, no pain during or after, and no recovery time. Only after a treatment with the Vector Paro system, treating periodontal diseases with no significant loss of tooth substance can be achieved.


The belief, that beautiful, white teeth, are a gift, given to a few lucky ones by nature is now very far from reality. With the help of our Doctors, everybody can now smile to life with a stunning smile! After a first check-up of your dental status, our Doctors will recommend you a specific method of whitening to obtain the best result.

  • Beyond Whitening Accelerator's patented "cold light" technology and a specially developed whitening formula is the key to a fast and effective whitening procedure.

    Beyond Whitening Accelerator is your best choice to brighten a smile quickly and effectively. The Beyond Technology uses a highly intense blue light of wavelength. The light is filtered by an optical glass to remove the infrared and the ultraviolet light. This half-hour procedure quickly oxidizes tooth stains on both the surface of the teeth and deep inside the dentin, restoring a beautiful white color. You can thus achieve 3 to 5 levels of shade improvement, according to the the Vita shade guide!

    The Beyond whitening system is an extremely efficient and painless technique with stunning, long-lasting results.

    This advanced technology can wipe away years of smoking, coffee drinking and aging in only 30 minutes, and has also been proved effective in fighting tetracycline stains. These treatments are comfortable, safe and effective.

  • Brite Smile Whitening system is the most effective whitening technique.

    This 2-hour treatment will improve the color of your teeth, achieving a difference up to 14 shades.

    And the result will last for years. The breakthrough blue-light technology of Brite Smile allows effective results all the while using a lower active ingredient.

    The Brite Smile patented whitening gel contains only 15% of hydrogen peroxide,  which enables our patients to experience very little or no tooth sensitivity at all during or after the treatment.

    Brite Smite is gentle. There is no laser and no heat. It is just gel and soothing light, safe and pleasant.

  • Traditional home whitening is perfectly adapted to those of our patients, who can not spend much time in a dentist's chair, but also wish to achieve great results for a very reasonable price.

    Depending on your wishes, our Doctors will produce special forms  adapted to the form of your teeth, for night or day whitening, and recommend you the whitening gel that will give you the best result.

    With home whitening, you can expect a color improvement of 7-8 shades.