Dental Ozone Therapy

Dental ozone therapy is applied in dentistry to destroy harmful germs and bacteria, before, during and after performing a dental treatment. 

Ozone is not only effective for treating a surface damaged by caries, but also contributes to helping the healing process and epithelialization. It is also a major tool for professional dental prevention.

Dental ozone therapy is based on the  excellent bactericide effects and the disinfection power  of Ozone : it can destroy up to 99% of germs and bacteria, even when used in minimal quantities.


The use of Ozone in dentistry

The application of Ozone for dental care has been discovered and tested by  the Department of Dentistry at the University of Bern (CH)

Ozone is used in dentistry as an excellent alternative to other antiseptics, to kill bacteria that can cause cavities. Special modern technologies are now used to prevent and treat early tooth caries with ozone, thus avoiding any invasive interventions.

When dealing with a  severe caries, Ozone can be used to reduce the pain and the hypersensitivity that can be experienced after a filling is installed in the cavity.

Finally, Ozone is used for its bactericide effects in the process of sterilization of infected root canals during endodontic treatments. 


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