Intraoral Camera GXC-300

An intraoral camera is an absolute necessity for Patient Understanding. Only by seeing your dental condition, you will be able  to  easily understand  the diagnosis of your Doctor and to discover with him, the cause, the necessary treatment and the  prevention to your dental issues.

You can see what your Doctor sees.

Our intraoral camera  allows you to be actively involved in your dental treatment by enabling you to see  exactly what your Doctor sees inside your mouth, with an easy understanding of your dental condition.

This intraoral camera by Gendex ®, is approximately the size and shape of a  tooth brush.

It has a built-in light source and serves as a mini video camera that allows to zoom and focus on the treated teeth with a factor of more than 30x magnifications, or even give you an entire video tour of your mouth.

The images are displayed on the video monitor of our dental chair and can be printed for you upon your request. 

Dental Clinic Zlata Prague ™ has selected the best equipments and technology available on the Dental Care market for your comfort and your safety.